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"a self evident truth"

Giving is a sensitive subject with most people. So it is important to us to mention that the only reason that the subject of Giving and Receiving is mentioned here is due to God's direction. We here at Axxiom Ministries are in strict covenant relationship with the God of Creation and He honors our giving by providing abundantly for every need.

But we are a ministry and thereby obligated to communicate the truth as God instructs.

And the truth is that He has initiated a Kingdom economy in this earth that functions on the principles of Giving and Receiving.

Here's how it works. Tithing is covered in Malachi 3:10,11. Giving to Missions is covered in Philippians 4:15-19. Giving to the Poor is covered in Proverbs 22:9 as well as throughout Psalms and Proverbs. Ministry or pastoral offerings are covered in 2 Corinthians 9:6-12. And Giving in general is covered in Luke 6:38. Each has specific instructions about giving in faith and believing for the promised return.

Those instructions in summary are a generous, cheerful and willing heart; and an expectation of receiving the return based on the covenant promise of God.

If this is 'Giving to Get' then so be it. God's economy depends on it. Believing for the return is no different than believing that you will be born again when you meet God's conditions: a humble and contrite heart, asking in faith, and an expectation of receiving the promise based on the covenant promise of God (salvation).

So why give here if our needs are met? The answer in a word: Obedience. If you've read this far it is entirely possible that God may have instructed you to partner with this ministry and become an active participant in His economy. If He has, then by all means, give. If He has not, then find out where He is guiding you, understand the command and the promise and give where He says to give...cheerfully.

Anything we receive, we tithe to other ministries and causes. And the more we receive the more we can bless others through our giving as well as through the outreach God has called us into...to bring all of God's people into all of God's Word like never before.

Thank you for your participation.                              

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