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"a self evident truth"

Q    One page is fine but my Bible typically opens on a left and right page, and I don't want to dog-ear or mark the pages in any way. How do I know where to start?

A    The special Reference Guides will help you there. They not only list the books you will be reading and a summary of their content, but will show you exactly which page to read.

Q    Doesn't that get confusing jumping from section to section?

A    It might take a little getting used to, but it is definitely not confusing. Don't try to read your favorite novel this way, but the Bible is not a novel. In fact much of its content is not even chronological. So the different sections tend to complement each other rather than conflict.

Q    What if the section is interesting? Why can't I keep reading?

A    Well, you can. But resist the temptation. This is where the discipline comes in. Force yourself to stop and you will find yourself looking forward to coming back instead of disciplining yourself to start. And the motivation to pick up your Bible and read the rest of the story replaces the obligation and guilt we're all used to. This is discipline like you've never had to use it before.

Q    My Bible is probably different than yours. How can the sections and reading times work out like you say?

A    Every Bible is different for sure. But the eight sections match up pretty closely. Here's a tip. If your Bible has small print and lengthy pages, the overall completion time will be shorter but each day's reading will be longer. With smaller pages or larger print, you will take longer getting through the Bible but each day's reading will be less.

Q    How long can I expect to spend on each section and how much time to finish the entire Bible?

A    The Axxiom OnePage Companion will answer that question in great detail. But here's another tip. Look up the starting page for the book of Joshua in the table of contents for your Bible. You can finish the entire Bible in that many days if you read eight sections per day. Most people won't so don't worry about it. The average is between 2 and 3 sections per day. But it is also the approximate size of each of the eight sections.

Q     How do I find the next Reference Guide when it's not showing above the page like a bookmark?

A     Well, you definitely have your Bible set up properly...one Guide showing with the other seven hidden...and you have touched on one of the critical points that makes the OnePage Solution work. The Guides themselves solve this problem. Their size and thickness create just the right "feel" to locate the next Section. If you're having any trouble just bend the pages back slightly as if you were about to "thumb" or "fan" through your Bible. All the Sections, including the next one will be easily apparent. After a while you will be able to "feel" the next Section division without any trouble...and without the Guides interfering with normal use in Bible study or other reading.