God's Word makes several claims of itself. Much of it comes from study, meditation and being obedient to its commands. But much is available also from hiding His Word in your heart.
In other words merely exposing yourself to the powerful Spiritual force that is the
Living Word of the Living God creates its own benefit in your life.

And that is why The OnePage Solution can and will change your life. And it will do so not only by exposing your spirit to God's Word. It will do so by immersing your spirit in the will and purpose and plan and Word of a God that is committed by blood covenant to deliver on His promise. Below are just some of the reasons for continuing this marvelous journey. If you do so then He will have much to work with within you and can accomplish much through you...and you will see beyond any doubt that... 

Some repetitions appear simply because they are repeated in God's Word.
If God felt them worthy of repeating in His Word then certainly they are worthy of repeating here.
Also this list is not comprehensive. Please feel free to submit your additions as you discover more that God's Word claims of itself.

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