The OnePage Solution PREMIER edition includes everything shown here. You get the OnePage Companion CD to guide you through the process as well as track and report on your progress. It's a great tool for those project/deadline-driven type-A personalities. But for the rest of us it's also a great way to see actual progress and receive a little encouragement along the way.

Beyond that the feature that everyone likes is the 'Locate a lost or misplaced Reference Guide'. They can drop out accidentally or get rearranged by your toddler's busy hands. The OnePage Companion comes to the rescue.

And then there's the 'Projections' function to see how long to finish at 2 sections per day. Or 'How many sections do I need to average to finish in 1 year?'

If you're not computer oriented then you don't have to use it. It's certainly not mandatory or even necessary to accomplishing your goal of abiding in God's Word. We of course use the OnePage Companion around here but you can still get all the benefits of the OnePage Solution experience with the OnePage Solution BASICS. Just select the last item on the list at the OnePage Solution Store.

Axxiom Ministries OnePage Solution is not only the very best way to get through God's Word but the ONLY way that many have been able to CONTINUE in God's Word and implant the ingrafted Word deep down in their spirit where God can use it...and them. Try the OnePage'll's for life!

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Included in the PREMIER Kit

1.     Full set of Reference Guides imprinted with page finder, section listing, and section summaries.

2.     Mini CD with the OnePage Companion computer program. Great for tracking progress, locating misplaced Reference Guides and forecasting a completion date.

3.     The OnePage Solution QuickStart Guide

4.      The Mini CD also contains our exclusive family entertainment program, WordWiz. Great fun for any age or skill level. It's not a computer game but the game cards print from your computer. Pencils and a timer are all you need.

5.      With the PREMIER edition of The OnePage Solution you will now receive the latest release from Axxiom Ministries.

The Lost Scrolls is a compilation of all the ancient communication discovered by Sir Alfred Holland during his stay at the cliffside monastery known as the House of Japheth (from The Ararat Conspiracy).

The unique, surprising insight into the essence of Christian Living will challenge even the most casual reader. 

Personal study helps are included and a Leader's Guide is also available.

"a self evident truth"