PSALMS AND PROVERBS...These two familiar and enjoyable books are constantly in the "rotation". This means that from day one you will begin reading the book of Psalms. By the time you finish Proverbs (the next book) you will also be finishing up with the previous section (Section Three) and starting Psalms again. Section three then magically becomes 'Psalms and Proverbs' until you're through the whole Bible.  If this sounds complicated, don't worry about it. The OnePage Solution works out several little surprises like this on its own.  Just relax and enjoy the journey!

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"a self evident truth"

EMPHASIS ON THE NEW TESTAMENT...Every other through-the-Bible program requires an emphasis on the Old Testament by a factor of three! In other words, no matter how you approach it, you cannot avoid the fact that 3/4 of the book is in the Old Testament and 1/4 is New Testament. That means that the OT is THREE times longer than the NT. So if you read from cover to cover or follow a One-Year plan, or the schedule in the back of your Bible, you're spending THREE TIMES as much time in the Old Testament as in the New.

Some daily reading systems in the supreme effort to complete the Bible in 12 months²  increase the time spent in the OT to 7 - 8 times the amount spent in the NT!

Unavoidable? Yes. Until the OnePage Solution that is.

With The OnePage Solution the Old Testament is still exactly the same size and you still read it all, but statistically your time spent reading is more balanced. The ratio of New Testament to Old is increased by 50%³

So instead of spending THREE TIMES the amount of reading in the OT, that factor is reduced by 1/2.³  That's TWICE the usual amount in the NEW TESTAMENT of any other system (or no system at all). So with The OnePage Solution there is a strong emphasis on the New Testament and your time spent there is greatly increased.

² We still don't know why this is so important...maybe the thinking is that you're only going to do this once in your life and thereby the necessity to get it over with as soon as possible to minimize the pain. We at the OnePage Solution don't have a one-year plan. Oh, you can get through it in that time (or less) and enjoy the journey. But we still say, "It's not a's for life!"

³ For you statistics buffs the ratio change is from 3:1 to 1.6:1

"OK...The OnePage Solution sounds interesting but it still looks like just another One Year or daily reading plan. What makes your system so different?"

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