With the OnePage Solution BASICS you get everything you need to embark on the most amazing and dangerous adventure of your life.  

'Amazing' because of all the discoveries you will make...and 'dangerous' because some of your long-held beliefs and suppositions will be challenged. Religious cliches will sound empty as your life and spirit...and even your mouth...are filled with God's Word.

Yes, that's right. You won't get more religious. Just closer to the God of creation. With Him more involved in your family, your business, your health, and your decision making process, you can't go wrong. Of course if you're anything like me you'll find a way...

But He did promise to direct your paths...and answer your prayers.

Just set your Bible up according to the guidelines and read a page. That's all there is to it...well, actually you need to flip the Guide and go to the next section...then read that page if you have time...that's all there is to it...

Read what you can and come back when you can...but you have to stop at the end of the page! That's where the discipline comes in...

For the journey!

© 2010, Axxiom Ministries, all rights reserved
"a self evident truth"


Included in the BASICS Kit

1.     Full set of Reference Guides imprinted with page finder, section listing, and section summaries.

2.     Mini CD with the OnePage Companion computer program. Great for tracking progress, locating misplaced Reference Guides and forecasting a completion date.

3.     The OnePage Solution QuickStart Guide

4.      The Mini CD also contains our exclusive family entertainment program, WordWiz. Great fun for any age or skill level. It's not a computer game but the game cards print from your computer. Pencils and a timer are all you need.