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"a self evident truth"

Best Bible reading program I have ever used. I am encouraging my congregation to use it.

I wouldn't be reading the Bible at all if it weren't for Axxiom.

I like the OnePage Solution. I can read at my own pace and not feel guilty when I miss a day.

It was the jumpstart I needed

This couldn't have come at a better time.

It's all good.

This is great! Thanks.

Thanks for the support and devotional materials. I didn't expect that. And I really do have to force myself to stop reading!

I love it and will continue to use it

I am in the whole Bible at once

There is no pressure and I can read one page or 100

Cards are very helpful

Solves the problem of struggling with the Old Testament

God's really ministering to me like never before

Ease of use

I know where to pick up and start again

Keeps me wanting to read again the next day
Don't have to meet a quota
I love this and it's really opened up the Bible to me in a new and fresh way.

It keeps me from getting discouraged if I miss a few days

I love it and will continue to use it
It is quick
Lets me read at my own pace and read through and study the entire Bible

It's simple which I need when life gets difficult

It is a very simple plan and easy to do
Can pick up at any time
Nicely divides the reading and study of Scripture up into smaller portions
Less guilt in not getting through the Bible in a specified time
I like it
It's so simple and adaptable to a variety of daily routines
I am more open to what God might have to say to me when I pick up my Bible in the morning.

It's hard to stop reading

Today's reading is not just a continuation of my previous reading

It's never boring

I'm sorry that I didn't find it sooner and that more people don't know about it

I have to tell you that I am very excited about your reading plan.

I finally did it. This is fantastic! Just the name of the thing takes away the intimidation of picking up my bible.

I'm always challenged when I read another section.

I think this is a phenomenal solution to reading the Word.


It is easy, and keeps you reading the Bible
You always know where to start reading.

I am almost through the Bible for the 2nd time.